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South Florida Ranks Number 1 Nationally for International Buyers

For months I’ve been telling you about the impressive number of investments that international home buyers – particularly Brazilians and Canadians – have been making on the South Florida real estate market.

Now there’s confirmation of just how expansive their investments have been.

The National Association of REALTORS recently identified Florida as having the highest concentration of international buyer property purchases than any other state.

Continue reading to learn more about how this distinction will have an impact on you as a home seller in Aventura, Hallandale, and surrounding areas.

Luxury Property for Sale in South Florida

Here’s an overview of the latest activity related to international home buyers:

  • International buyers have helped South Florida sell 91 percent of almost 49,000 boom-era units, according to condo Vultures
  • In 2011, 31 percent of all international sales in the country came from Florida
  • About 27 percent of international buyers identified the US real estate market as a profitable investment
  • Canadians viewed US real estate most favorably, accounting for 23 percent of all foreign buyers
  • In South Florida, 8 percent of all Florida resales were sold to Canadians

So what exactly does this mean for interested South Florida home sellers?

It means that – thanks in large part to international home buyers – the housing inventory on the South Florida real estate market is shrinking.

As that happens, remaining properties for sale on the South Florida real estate market will become even more coveted because there won’t be as many of them available.

This will, in turn, cause home prices to rise over time, meaning that your chances of getting the price you want on your luxury South Florida home will increase.

Your South Florida Real Estate Expert

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I’ll tell you about the aggressive and comprehensive marketing plan I offer to my clients as well as provide you with a number of helpful home selling resources, such as:

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