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Financial Transparency Finally Comes to Florida State Government Spending!

Long overdue, state government fiscal transparency has finally arrived in the state of Florida. Floridians can now track how their taxpayer dollars are spent. Gov. Charlie Crist and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink recently unveiled a new Web site to allow citizens to track the state budget. The new “Sunshine Spending Web site” will allow Floridians to hold our state government accountable for our hard earned tax dollars.

Free Search for Florida Vendors

It’s interesting to note, part of the functionality of this new Sunshine Spending web site is to “freely” allow Florida citizens for the first time to search for vendors and others who receive state funds. Updated daily and free of any login information, the site allows citizens to access a list of contracts of at least $25,000 in the open government section of this new Web site.

Proponent of Open Access and South Florida MLS Transparency!

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