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8 Year Snapshot of Single Family Real Estate Inventory In Miami Dade County

As a follow up to my recent real estate blog illustrating the Broward County 8 yr. real estate inventory, here is the 8 year graph of the Miami-Dade County single family market. This is a great illustration to truly understand the market, as you will see Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have similar graphs but keep in mind this is a summary of all the single family inventory and all price ranges in Miami-Dade county.  To completely understand the market, you need to remember the market is “Community Specific”, “Area Specific” and/or “Building Specific”, in other words you cannot compare one community to another as well as water v.s. non-waterfront.  Every city, community and subdivision is different and to get real specific information about communities such as: Golden Beach, Aventura, Sunny Isles, The Point of Aventura, One Island Place and Presidential Estates we would need to dissect them individually.

If you would like to get real estate stats on your community, feel free to contact me.

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