Golden Pointe A Gated Townhouse Community In Aventura Florida

Golden Pointe is a waterfront gated townhouse community. There are a total of 78 townhouses, some are on the water and some are on the dry side, they range in size from 2 to 3 stories and from 1,900 to 2,800 square feet.  Golden Pointe is part of the Waterways of Aventura which includes The Shoppes of The Waterways, restaurants, post office and Marina.  Many residents walk and exercise along the promenade that is shared by the surrounding communities including The Point of Aventura.  There are currently 3 waterfront townhouses for sale in Golden Point, below are the details.

20944 NE 37th Avenue: 4 Bedroom – 2.5 Bath – 2,505 sq.ft. $850,000
3796 NE 209 Terrace: 4 Bedroom – 2.5 Bath – 2,505 sq.ft. $699,000
3744 NE 209 Terrace: 3 Bedroom – 2 Bath – 1,900 sq.ft. $698,000


For additional information on these properties or any property feel free to contact me at 305.466.3070.

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