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Attention South Florida Boat Owners

Boat owners who live in the waterfront communities of South Florida, listen up!  Have you ever run aground and called for a tow? Beware of what you may be asked to sign!

Avoid Losing the Value of Your South Florida Boat

Did you know that putting your signature to an Open Form (a non negotiated agreement) could possibly cause you, or more probably your South Florida Boat Owner Scott PattersonInsurance Company to pay up to 40% of the value of your boat to someone who just yanked your boat off of a sandbar.

Don’t Forfeit Your ability to Maintain Your Boat Insurance!

The result not only is increased insurance premiums for all boaters,  but a real possibility that you may not be able to renew your policy with your current insurer or any other Insurance Company. This is particularly true, if you have submitted a previous claim.

South Florida Boat Owner Advice

Yes, you should always act in a prudent manner to preserve your property, in this case your boat, but first, determine if there is any water intrusion. If not there probably is no immediate danger of sinking. Second, check the tide tables. You may very well be on a rising tide and be able to drop anchor and await floating off. Your GPS can usually supply this information, and your Blackberry is also capable.

Negotiate Your Tow Rate!

If you do need to be towed, negotiate a reasonable fee for the service prior to attaching the tow line. Think of it this way,  would you pay AAA $10,000 to tow your Mercedes to the garage?

Additional South Florida Boat Owner Answers

If you have additional questions about owning a boat in the waterfront communities of South Florida, be sure to leave a comment here.

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