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Brazilians Play a Major Role in the South Florida Real Estate Market, Reports Show

Brazilians are playing an increasingly important role on the South Florida real estate market, according to recent South Florida real estate market data.

Although Brazilians have been investing in Miami real estate since at least the 1990s, there seems to have been an increase in recent years.

This trend is partly because of the favorable currency conversion rate as well as increased Brazilian spending power, experts say.

Here are some more recent findings as they relate to Brazilian home buyers on the South Florida real estate market:

  • According to a recent Franklin Templeton survey of foreign investors,  70 percent of  Brazilians surveyed said they plan to invest money overseas this year.
  • Miami is ranked 8th for foreign investment in real estate in the United States.  New York, Washington, DC, Boston and San Francisco are the top places for foreign investment.

Investing in South Florida Real Estate

In addition to a favorable conversion rate, there are plenty of reasons to explain why so many Brazilians are choosing to invest in South Florida real estate:

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